Radar Detector Integration

Configured in Settings → Radar detector integration.

Highway Radar can pair with several models of radar detectors to provide an even higher level of situational awareness. Currently, the following models of radar detectors are supported.

Radenso Theia will be added to the application as soon as released.

Pairing your detector with the Highway Radar provides the following benefits:

  • View radar alerts on the big phone screen
  • View complete information about multiple signals
  • Set up intelligent low-speed muting considering the current speed limit
  • Apply custom processing and signal filtering rules
  • One of the best auto-lockouts
  • Modify internal detector settings from a friendlier user interface on the mobile phone
  • Define different radar setting profiles for different scenarios via settings packs
  • Mute/unmute the detector from the application, control muting per alert

Getting Started

To pair with your detector, proceed to Settings → Radar detector integration, and use the Radar detector model selector to choose your model. Then continue to your detector's page – Radenso DS1, Valentine V1, Uniden R4/R8/R9].

Once you select your radar detector, you'll see several new preferences. Also, you'll see a Bluetooth status icon on the main application screen.