Configured in Settings → Crowd-sourced alerts → Hazards alerts settings section, a SABRE plugin or a crowd-sourced server should be configured for this section to appear.

There are seven types of hazards that Highway Radar supports

  • Accident
  • Object on road
  • Pothole
  • Vehicle stopped on road
  • Vehicle stopped on shoulder
  • Animals
  • Roadkill

Alerting Area

Unlike police alerts, beeper and bogey aren't supported for hazards alerts.

Hazards alerts have different shapes of the activation area than police alerts.

  • If "Alert on same street only" preference is enabled and managed to identify the current street, then the alert becomes active only if it is within the alerting distane and on the same street. "Same street" means within 75 meters of the street center line.
  • If either "Alert on same street only" preference is disabled or the app failed to identify the current street, then the shape of hazard alerts is a 60 degrees sector pointing in the direction of movement, stretched for a specified distance in front of the driver. (it is also dilated by 20 meters in every direction to handle very close alerts located near the tip of the sector better).