Crowdsourced Alerts

Configured in Settings → Crowd-sourced alerts.

Crowdsourced alerts include police and multiple types of hazards alerts.

Any crowdsource alerts require an exchange platform – a service allowing users to submit and vote for reports and distribute them between other users. The number of users on such servers defines the quality of the data produced there. Highway Radar doesn't provide its own crowdsource exchange server because that kind of application (very powerful but with a steep learning curve) can't have a vast user base. Crowdsourced servers should have at least tens of thousands of active users at any moment to produce high-quality data.

So, instead of providing its own crowdsourced data exchange server, Highway Radar can connect to other third-party crowdsourced servers. Highway Radar has two ways of connecting to crowdsourced data exchange servers.

  1. By specifying a hostname of the remote server. In this case, the application can connect to the remote server and fetch alerts from there. This method has a more straightforward setup but doesn't allow reporting events or voting for reports. Instructions on where to set the hostname are provided in the "Crowdsourced Alerts" section of the "Basic Setup" chapter.
  2. By installing a SABRE plugin. A SABRE plugin is a typical Android application, which needs to be installed from an APK. With a SABRE plugin, you'll also be able to submit reports and vote for other reports.