v3.0 to v3.1


  • Uniden R9 support
    • Same level of support as for R4/R8
    • Initial Bluetooth might have some issues and require resetting the unit several times, the subsequent connections work fine
  • Re-implemented audio subsystem
    • Not much changed from the user side
    • Voice announcements are now stopping instantly upon muting or alert disappearing
    • Added an experimental option to force playing audio through a phone speaker
  • Performance optimizations
    • Seven times less CPU cycles spent on maitaining the roag graph (the most CPU-intesive component)
    • Removed weather radar flickering
    • Removed animated weather layer for RainViewer
  • Various improvements and bug fixes
    • Added options to control the app preventing the phone from going into sleep
    • Full compatibility with Android 14
    • Fixed a bug when Uniden detectors briefly muted for a couple seconds at the very start of alerting
    • Improvements to the croud-sourced alerts
    • Several improvements related to split-screen functionality and launching other apps
  • Updates to the support policy
    • Application should start on any phone running at least Android 7.0.
    • There is a full support for Android versions still receiving security support from Google. All features are working properly as long as they are supported by the system.
    • There is a limited support for older Android versions. Application should start and be able to display alerts at least somehow. Some features may not work correctly, or not work at all (e.g., camera flashlight notification doesn't work on older phones).

New or Significantly Updated Book Sections

  • Uniden R4/R8/R9 – new section
  • Weather Radar - removed mentions of the animated layer
  • Sounds - added "Audio output" section, added a section about voice announcements
  • Display - added "Prevent Display From Sleeping" section